Wednesday, January 20, 2010

world view.

for christmas my sister gave me a cute little metal case to hold my ID, credit cards and our adorable new business cards :) i love it. i have actually never had an 'official' business card. after college, i volunteered with a non-profit and then became a flight attendant. ive never had a job that required one. and honestly i never thought i would have a business card that had the word "placenta" on it :)
when i was growing up all my dream jobs involved traveling. a national geographic photographer. a marine biologist. or how great would it be to be the person who goes through the amazon and test different plants to see if it could be a cure for AIDS? it intrigues me that there are places in brazil where they take the poison from a frog, put it on an arrow or something sharp and then they cut you so that the poison gets into your blood stream. and this is supposed to help with some sickness (i swear i saw it on the animal planet :). who comes up with these techniques and do they really work?
it seems as if every culture has their own methods or miracle drugs. I have had fish eat my dead skin cells in cambodia. i have bathed in a tea tree oil lake in australia. i have experienced 'reflexology' in thailand. did you know that in the Buddhist country of laos they believe in karma and that "being stressed" is bad for your karma? it is one of the most laid back cultures. i have been sick in almost every continent and as i travel, i observe, i experience, i embrace, i learn. and i continue to ask myself, when it comes to health....who knows best?
we know that what we do here at 'fruit of the womb' may seem foreign or uncommon or seem like a 'new' concept to many. when in reality the placenta has held a place of honor throughout the history of time. people honor the placenta differently depending on the culture of course, but the important thing is that we stop to recognize that this organ serves an important, sacred purpose in fostering new life.
regardless of where you live.

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