Saturday, December 10, 2011

Celebrating 2 Years!

Fruit of the Womb has just celebrated its 2 year Anniversary! Tamara and Kate have passionately been serving new mothers and their families in the Denver/Boulder area and are excited to continue to give the gift of postpartum wellness! As our gift to you, we will be including a FREE tincture package (value $25) with any paid Placenta Package (value$225) for mamas delivering before 1-1-2012!
{Fruit of the Womb Tincture Package includes a Raw tincture and a TCM inspired Powdered Tincture*}
If you are not delivering before 1-1-2012, but would still like to receive a free tincture package, simply pre-pay for the Placenta Encapsulation Package at Paypal using account email:
before 1-1-2012 and we will include both fresh and raw placenta tinctures* with your package whenever you deliver.

*Placenta tinctures are very similar to herbal tinctures. Placenta tinctures take about 6 weeks to reach a perfect potency, which happens to be right about when most mamas are running low on pills. By making a raw tincture (very potent) or a TCM inspired powder tincture (less potent but still effective) moms have another remedy available to continue to use, save, or even offer to child.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Local NEWS Story and Article!

Last month we were asked to do an interview for 7 News 'The Denver Channel" for a series called Expecting Baby. The story aired and we couldn't be more happy with the video.

Ana Cabrera at 7 NEWS also wrote an article called

Placenta Pills To Beat Baby Blues?

We are so happy for the opportunity to continue to spread the word!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here are some pictures of our first twin placenta(s)! They were beautiful fraternal twin girls born to wonderful first time parents.