Friday, January 15, 2010

How are we different

At Fruit of the Womb we believe that woman and child come first. Childbirth will no doubt be the biggest transition any woman will go through physically, mentally, and emotionally which is exactly why mothers should be served after giving birth. We come directly to you and pick up the placenta to immediately start the placenta encapsulation process. Although highly educated and experienced, we are not Midwives, Doulas, yoga teachers, or childbirth educators our specialty lies solely in Placenta Education and Encapsulation and our time is set aside for you. Because placenta encapsulation is our specialty we have a faster turn around time which means you get your pills sooner. Don't get me wrong, this process cannot be rushed and the work is sacred but time is of the essence when it comes to a mother and child and their physical, mental and emotional well-being. We take the time to do things right. The placenta is gently steamed and dehydrated on a low heat so that the most amount of hormones, nutrients and vitamins are preserved. Sure, this takes longer but ultimately you receive the highest grade of pill. Finally, we will hand deliver your medicine straight to your front door. It is our goal that you receive your placenta pills no later than 2 to 3 days postpartum. Why? According to Dr. Sears official website and many others the Postpartum Blues "Usually start(ing) between the third and fifth day after delivery, feelings of mild depression, crying spells, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings occur in as many as 85% of women". If a mother begins to have any of these feelings she should be able to take her medicine. Mothers shouldn't have to coordinate who is taking the placenta. Nor should husbands and friends have to be leaving mother and baby's side to meet with someone. Even more importantly no one should have to wait for their placenta medicine to arrive in the mail! These are precious days and time that is being lost. It is our goal that every mother receives placenta education and encapsulation. Each woman and child deserves the highest quality placenta pills delivered in a timely manner. We believe that the services we provide are life changing and we are honored to be helping families in this way.

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  1. so you guys put it in capsul form for women... so i could send mine to you and you send it back in a pill form? how much does this stuff cost? im really interested just a few questions