Monday, November 16, 2009

oh baby.

im kate.
im 25 years old and single.
and i really have no reason to be interested in all this "placenta stuff."
im not planning on having babies anytime soon.
but i am my sisters' sister.
i have seen her through 3 pregnancies. 2 home births. i have sat through meetings with midwives and helped with tea baths. there is so much to learn before you have a baby, and some things you just have to learn through experience. there is nothing like the miracle of having a baby. and it intrigues me.
i grew up in a family that believed this miracle was for the whole family to experience and be involved in. when i was ten i helped deliver my little sister, just like my big sister helped deliver me. this life changing experience does not just effect the mother and child. everyone who knows the mother, who wants to be apart of this new baby's life, is effected. giving birth is emotionally, physically and spiritually hard. and if someone told me that there is something natural that can support the mom and baby in this process then i would want to know. i believe in the power of the placenta and i am excited to partake in this miracle when i have kids. for now i hope to help others discover and experience this gift.

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