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Why should I encapsulate the placenta?
Over 80% of mothers suffer from the “baby blues” starting in the first weeks after giving birth. Studies show that the placenta is extremely nutrient rich, high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6 and of course, your own natural hormones. Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you. Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones, and thus reintroducing them to your system may ease hormonal fluctuations.
Placenta pills are believed to:
-diminish “baby blues”
-increase breast milk production
-help the uterus to contract down and therefore lessens postpartum bleeding
-ease fatigue
-contain your own natural hormones
-balance your system
-replenish nutrients lost during childbirth
-increase energy levels
-ease your postpartum transition

Although current formal research on human placentophagy does not exist, what we do know is that women who take placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues, have more energy and tend to enjoy a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery. The first few days and weeks with your new baby are precious. Invest in you postpartum recovery with placenta capsules that are made perfectly for your body.

How does the process work?
Please let your heathcare providers know your wish to keep your placenta in advance. Most Colorado hospitals are aware of your rights to the placenta; however, if you anticipate a problem you can print a “Release of Placenta and Waiver Liability” form (attached herewith) For your convenience we will come and pick up your placenta immediately following delivery, ideally, within the first 24 hours. The placenta should be placed in a plastic bag or container (we suggest a Ziplock bag or a Tupperware container.) The placenta can be refrigerated during the first 48 hours but needs to be placed in the freezer if the 48-hour time frame has been exceeded. We can encapsulate the placenta up to a maximum of 6 months post birth if the placenta has been stored properly. The encapsulation process takes 24 to 48 hours at which point we will hand deliver your placenta capsules to you.

How are the capsules made?
This process includes steaming, drying, grinding and encapsulating the placenta. During this process we adhere to the utmost standards of cleanliness and use careful preparation techniques for consumption. We believe the placenta is made perfectly for you, by you; therefore, we do not add any additional herbs or spices to your placenta during the encapsulation process. We use only the highest grade of Vegetarian Capsules that have no preservatives, no animal products and come in an easy to swallow size capsule.

How many capsules will my placenta make?
Each placenta is different in size and substance so the amount of capsules it makes can vary from 50 to 200.

Who can benefit from placenta pills?
All mothers and babies can benefit from their own placenta medicine. We work with women delivering at home, birth centers or hospitals within the Denver/ Boulder Area. If you live out of state and desire the benefits of placenta medicine please contact us to coordinate special arrangements.
NOTE: Any pregnant mother that has positively been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS or has had a uterine infection during pregnancy cannot participate in placentophagy.

When should I take my placenta pills?
You should start taking your placenta capsules as soon as you receive it. The suggested dosage is 1- 3 capsules 1- 3 times per day for the first 1- 3 weeks of postpartum. At that point you may choose to continue taking the pills or you can taper off and use them when you are:
-feeling fatigued
-experiencing stress
-in a period of transition
-feeling sadness or depression

How should I store my placenta capsules?
The pills have been dehydrated so must be stored in a cool, dry place. The preservation technique of dehydration simply refers to the removal of moisture from foods, in other words, drying. This method extends shelf life significantly because yeasts, molds and bacteria need moisture to survive. Therefore, as long as the capsules do not get wet they are good for many years to come.

How does my baby benefit from placenta pills?
Your baby benefits from placenta pills as much as you do and all by simply breastfeeding! In addition to some of the health benefits outlined above, your baby may also experience an improved immune system. If you are taking your placenta pills on a regular basis your baby receives all of the same benefits of placenta encapsulation as the mother. If, for some reason, you are unable to breastfeed please contact us for other ways your baby can still benefit. Once your child has moved onto pureed food you can mix in the placenta powder of one capsule daily directly into their food. Remember, you and your baby shared this placenta and can both have shared benefit!

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