Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gentle Baby

On April 14, 2008 my husband and I welcomed our third precious baby boy. It was a perfect homebirth just as we planned and hoped for. He was exactly two weeks past due and a 'giant' 9 1/2 pounds! Emotions overwhelmed us as we stared in awe of our newest blessing. I watched my husband measure and weigh him. It was then I saw my midwife do something very unique and special. She touched the top of his head and massaged the bottoms of his feet with Young Living Gentle Baby. Almost instantly an aroma if peace filled the room. My sweet baby immediately began nursing and our bonding had begun. As the hours past I couldn't help but to see how calm everything was. The scent of Rosewood and Geranium, Jasmine and Lemon had filled our home and brought us comfort. As the scent faded, I noticed subtle irritability with my new baby. In an effort to retrieve our state of peace we began regular baby massage adding a drop or two of Gentle Baby each time. It was a moment the whole family looked forward to. This oil and placenta encapsulation was amazing for me in recovering from birth and adapting during the postpartum transition. Gentle Baby also promoted calmness and soothed not only my newborn but all my children. Today, my 'baby' is 6 years old! We keep Gentle Baby on hand to encourage relaxation, to heal our dry winter skin and to remember the moment our son was born!
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