Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The results are in!

Our ‘Placenta Encapsulation International Data Collection’ has officially closed and the results to this preliminary study have been calculated.  Although the sample size to this study is small and varied the results are nonetheless exciting, expected and valuable.
Here are a few of the findings we found most interesting:
*81% of the mothers in this study have a history of Depression and/or Postpartum Depression
*92% of moms had encapsulated for the first time! (help us keep spreading the word!)
*94% of moms stated that their milk supply was perfect or ‘high’ for their baby’s needs
*89% of moms overall felt better than expected
*100% of moms are glad they choose to encapsulate!
*100% of moms would recommend placenta encapsulation to others!

Although we fully realize that these statistics are not scientific and that there is no placebo, etc.  Our goal and desire is that one day our culture will embrace placenta remedies as a norm and an essential element to postpartum recovery!  Thank you to all whom advocated and participated in our survey!

If you are interested in viewing the full results of this survey please email us at : placentapills@yahoo.com

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