Saturday, December 10, 2011

Celebrating 2 Years!

Fruit of the Womb has just celebrated its 2 year Anniversary! Tamara and Kate have passionately been serving new mothers and their families in the Denver/Boulder area and are excited to continue to give the gift of postpartum wellness! As our gift to you, we will be including a FREE tincture package (value $25) with any paid Placenta Package (value$225) for mamas delivering before 1-1-2012!
{Fruit of the Womb Tincture Package includes a Raw tincture and a TCM inspired Powdered Tincture*}
If you are not delivering before 1-1-2012, but would still like to receive a free tincture package, simply pre-pay for the Placenta Encapsulation Package at Paypal using account email:
before 1-1-2012 and we will include both fresh and raw placenta tinctures* with your package whenever you deliver.

*Placenta tinctures are very similar to herbal tinctures. Placenta tinctures take about 6 weeks to reach a perfect potency, which happens to be right about when most mamas are running low on pills. By making a raw tincture (very potent) or a TCM inspired powder tincture (less potent but still effective) moms have another remedy available to continue to use, save, or even offer to child.

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