Thursday, December 2, 2010

And now for your local radio programming

Typically when I meet someone new the conversation may go something like this:
Q: "Hi, how are you?"
A: "Great! and you?"
Q: "Do you live around here?"
A: "Yes, I love it here!"
Q: "Do you have kids?"
A: "3 Adorable boys!"
Q: "Oh, what do you do?"
A: "I provide Placenta Services...."
HALT! WAIT! WHAT? Are you serious? Hummm... Gross! Weird! Intriguing! What does that mean exactly? Ohhhh... INTERESTING! How does that work? Makes sense! I know someone... Can I have your card? wink

Although this is a typical example, I am used to every type of reaction both good and bad. I have realized over time that many reactions to the services we provide come from lack of education. I don't mean this in a bad way, but reality is, once we start to explain to others about the "how's" and the "why's" you tend to get a much better understanding and acceptance.
We LOVE OUR JOB! And feel so extremely fortunate that so many families have chosen Fruit of the Womb for their placenta services. With that said, because what we do has not become the 'norm'...yet...we have to have some humor towards others reactions. A classic example would be a local radio show this week featuring...the placenta! I realize that these two men are not as appreciative as I wish they were, BUT I am excited that at least they are talking! Of course I would have loved for conversation to have been more informative and less of a joke, but again, at least they are talking. Something tells me that many women heard that show and didn't even realize that she had a choice! Perhaps, if anything, people realized that moms in Colorado CAN take their own placentas home and do with them as they wish!

Click here it listen!
{image via alice 105.9 website}

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