Thursday, September 2, 2010

the priceless placenta: what is it worth to you?

there are things we, as americans, spend money on in hopes of "improving" our lives. good healthy food, education, living in a safe area. but money can only go so far. or do so much.
what would you pay to have a happy husband? a perfect marriage? to ensure your kids' health?
there are some things we cannot be in control of, but can help prevent. I am a full believer in the investment of things that relieve stress...a relaxing vacation, massages, yoga, counseling. these may not seem like necessities to some, but in my life a massage is much needed sometimes!
taking care of your family also means taking care of yourself. And its never to late to start. be the best mom, wife, friend you can be. if you are pregnant, tell the people around you how they can help! whether its cleaning your house or just watching the kids so you can take a nap or go on a date! there are ALWAYS ways you can improve your quality of life. your marriage. your family. BUT when it comes to your placenta there is a limited time to make this decision.
the cost is small but the benefits can be HUGE.
and lets face it, the worth and benefits of having a happy priceless.

(note: placenta pills make great gifts! if you know someone who would be interested we happily provide gift us via email for more information)

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