Monday, May 24, 2010

this one's for the boys...

my sister and i were...placentatizing. hehe :) i mean we were rinsing a fresh healthy placenta. it was abnormally healthy, as it should be because it was from a nutritionist. this made us wonder...

what makes a good, healthy placenta? eating right and staying active seem obvious. but are there certain foods? should moms be taking probiotics? are there certain yoga moves? what is this mom's secret?

so expecting a typical response from a nutritionist, we straight up asked her - "what do you do/eat?"

"well," she says, "i eat very healthy, all organic. i took good prenatal vitamins. and i have a loving husband."

wait - what! loving husband? what does that have to do with anything? (haha) i mean im sure that there are not many studies done and maybe we should start a study. add it to our questionnaire. it could go something like this...

do you have any known allergies? if so, what?
do you have a husband? if so, how loving is he?

despite there being any studies on the direct correlation between a healthy placenta and a loving husband, i of course, as a psychology major, believe there are things that make up a 'healthy lifestyle.' yes, it means eating right and exercising often and sleeping well. but to be depressed or stressed out all the time, whether it is hormonal or situational - can affect you physically in a negative way. to have a positive, supportive circle of family and friends is imperative. and yes a Loving Husband is ideal. understandably, this isnt always in your control, so....if a 'loving husband' does not fit into your 'story.' do NOT be discouraged :) having a baby and being a mom is hard work. and should not be done alone. and whatever you are going through you are NOT the only one. if you need any help finding a support group or any questions getting connected with other moms, my sister and i have some resources. you can also find some groups through the church we go to (

and for you loving husbands out there...keep up the good work!!! you are much needed and appreciated ;)

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