Monday, December 28, 2009

Shower Yourself

I love hosting baby showers and blessingways! I believe that all babies and mothers should be showered with love. It shouldn't matter if this is your 1st, 3rd, or 5th baby, they are each a gift! And every pregnancy and birth is unique and special.
It is amazing to me all the things we as mothers do to prepare for our little one. All of the visits to make sure mom and baby are healthy. The classes we can take to prepare for birth and breastfeeding. We even have this 'instinct' to prepare our home. The nursery bed is made. The tiny clothes are folded and organized. Everything is perfect. It seems as though we have thought of everything to welcome our baby and we would stop at nothing to make sure they are safe, healthy, and loved.
Once the baby has arrived you realize the simplicity of a baby's needs. Food, warmth, and love. Don't get me wrong those vibrating bouncy seats can do wonders (especially when you have multiple children). But when you really think about the true needs of the baby you realize...hum...maybe we could have done without this or least for awhile.
If you are like 80% of other women you start to experience what is commonly known as "The Baby Blues." You have just delivered a baby and the 'pregnancy state' your body has been getting used to has significantly been altered in a matter of hours. Blood has been lost, hormones are fluctuating, your uterus is still working hard to contract down, your breast milk is being produced, just to name a few. Although you have been anticipating this day, and meeting your baby for the first time, you are trying to heal and are understandably exhausted and fatigued.
I encourage you research the many benefits, for both you and baby, of placentophagy. The opportunity for you to invest in your postpartum period is priceless. Once the placenta is thrown away your opportunity to have it encapsulated, and all of its benefits, are lost. This is a natural way to heal with no side effects because it was designed, from the very beginning, with only you and baby in mind.
So, as you prepare for your newborn with Classes and Gift Registry, give yourself the gift of a successful postpartum period and invest in Placenta Encapsulation for you and your child.

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