Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can you customize my package?

Yes!  Please don't be afraid to ask us for any customized options.  We promise we have heard it all and it is our desire that you are receiving what you want.
We are here to serve you!

Want to save a piece of your placenta to plant? YES!
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I couldn't encapsulate my what?

IF for some reason you choose not to encapsulate OR if you CAN'T encapsulate due to infection or Pathology contamination, there are other safe, natural, alternative remedies that can be helpful in this postpartum transition in lieu of placenta remedies.  Although nothing will replace the benefits of the placenta, we very strongly believe in the benefits of essential oils for mom, baby and the entire family! In fact, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils improve overall health and are a great ADDITION to placenta remedies.
Research has found that using essential oils such as Lavender can save significant improvement for women at risk for postpartum anxiety and depression. (See the pilot study here.
Or even that Lavender taken orally can be just as effective as Lorazepam for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) (See study here)
Or this study that found that essential oils  have a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression in women!

Seriously!  Check it out for yourself!  If you go to one of the most respected online medical journal websites and type in essential oils you will get over 13,000 studies and articles to review!

There are many oils that can be used to boost energy, increase relaxation, prevent sickness, calm a fussy baby and more.

Here are a few of our postpartum favorites  :

For depression and anxiety try diffusing or applying Lavender, Joy, or Lemon Essential Oil.

For sleeplessness try Lavender, Peace and Calming or Valor diffused or applied topically
For abdominal/uterine pain try a warm wet or dry compress with several drops of PanAway
For a difficult birth or just a difficult day try Stress Away Essential Oil diffused or topically
For a fussy baby try Peace and Calming Essential Oil diluted on the bottoms of baby's feet or during infant massage
For increasing your milk supply try Fennel Essential Oil
For keeping common colds and flus at bay diffuse Thieves and Purification Essential Oil
Do you have a cesearan scar? try Frankincense !

If you are new to essential oils we have the perfect kit to get you started.!

It is called the Premium Starter Kit and it has everything you need to help aid you through pregnancy, labor and motherhood.  In fact it has ALL of the oils mentioned above PLUS a diffuser and a couple samples to share with your other new moms.  To be more specific you get 11 of the most loved oils and a a Home Diffuser for $150 dollars... an incredible value! The possibilities with these 11 oils are endless...and more importantly...they work!

Important: We only recommend Young Living %100 pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Don't buy non-therapetic grade essential oils and expect therapeutic results. Young Living Oils are backed by their 20 year Seed to Seal promise.  A promise from Young Living that you are getting the upmost quality in every step of the production process including seed, cultivate, distill, test and seal. A process that is learned over 20 years. A promise that can only be given by Young Living.

Additional Young Living Essential Oils and Products we recommend:

For increasing your milk supply try Fennel Essential Oil

For everyday oil for mom and baby to promote bonding, feelings of peace and even to help with skin issues such as stretch marks and diaper rash try Gentle Baby Essential Oil.
For perineum care and episiotomy try ClaraDerm (Essential Oil) Spray

All of the suggestions in this post are from these three books. 

Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Gary Young - 5th Edition
Reference Guida for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley- 2013 Edition
Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern- 5th Edition

If you are ready to continue your journey of safe, natural remedies for you and your growing family and are ready to purchase a Premium Starter Kit follow this link for a step-by-step post signing up today!

Looking for more information on essential oils for pregnancy, birth or babies please contact us at : or check out our Facebook page here.

Why can't I encapsulate my placenta?

There are only two reasons why your placenta can NOT be encapsulated. 


If mom has a temperature/ infection PRIOR to birth it is assumed that the placenta is infected as well. (Please note that if mom or baby have a temperature/infection AFTER birth the placenta is still safe to encapsulate.) It is our policy not to encapsulate a potentially infectious placenta, however, you can still take you placenta home and make placenta prints, dry the umbilical cord as a keepsake, and even plant the placenta as suggested here.


If the placenta is TESTED in Pathology for ANY reason it is no longer safe to encapsulate as the placenta is likely treated with Formalin/Formaldehyde. 
"Formaldehyde is highly toxic to all animals, regardless of method of intake."
You can read more about these dangerous chemicals at the Wikipedia link above. 

In some situations the hospital staff may ask that the placenta be "held" or even "looked at" in Pathology.  Even if your nurse and doctor assure you that the placenta will not be treated with chemicals in Pathology having it "held" or "looked at" in Pathology is NOT ideal and strongly discouraged. We can NOT vouch for the cleanliness of hospital Pathology.  We do not know if hospital pathology is sanitized and we do not know if your placenta is in fact being stored properly.  If you choose to have the placenta stored in Pathology it is at your own risk. 
We DO encourage you to bring your own cooler for storage OR ask for a basin of ice so that the placenta can remain chilled in your room until we arrive for placenta pick up and preparation begins.

These situations are RARE and can be discussed further on a case by case basis.

Photo by Fruit of the Womb client placenta pick-up 12/2013